List of some of the rotating cast of characters involved in our research.

Bill Lytton | Professor

M.D. (Columbia University, 1983)

I use computational neuroscience to try to forge links between disparate findings from normal and abnormal brain function. Primary research areas are modeling electrophysiological processes pertinent to epilepsy and modeling abstract neural networks to understand recovery from stroke and the basis of cognitive processes.

Salvador Dura-Bernal | Postdoc

Ph.D. (University of Plymouth, 2010)

I am currently working on interfacing a large-scale biomimetic model of the brain with in vivo neurophysiological recordings of monkeys and a prosthetic device (e.g. robotic arm) for the In Silico Brain project. My work so far has focused on the stimulus-response and information-processing aspects of the model -- and of the brains we hope it resembles.

Robert McDougal | Postdoc

Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, 2011)

I am working on developing models and methods that combine computational neuroscience and computational cell biology using NEURON. I have recently focused on SBML support, three-dimensional, and stochastic reaction-diffusion simulations.

Sam Neymotin | Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (SUNY Downstate / NYU-Poly, 2012)

I develop computer models of the brain that span multiple spatial and temporal scales, constrain the models with experimental data, and then use the models to better understand neuronal computation, dynamics, and learning. I also analyze and develop methods of analysis for electrophysiological data.

Mohamed Sherif | Graduate student

M.D., M.Sc. (Ain Shams University, Cairo, 2003, 2008)

I am a psychiatry resident & a graduate student at SUNY Downstate / NYU-Poly. I am working on applications of computational neuroscience to psychiatric diseases, particularly schizophrenia. Currently, I am exploring the effects of different NMDA-receptor antagonists through computer models of CA1 region.

Larry Eberle | Systems administrator

B.S. (SUNY Downstate, 1974)

I'm one of the primary Linux administrators in the Neurosim Lab, with 11 years of experience as a Linux administrator. I earned an Associate in Applied Science in Electrical Technology from SUNY Farmingdale in 1970, and a BS in medical computer science from SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn in 1974. I've been busy working in the medical computer science field ever since.