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Lytton, WW., & Drongelen W. (2015).  Beyond the canon: temporal and spatial multiscale organization in cortex. Computational Neuroscience Meeting Workshop.
Dura-Bernal, S., Majumdar A., Neymotin S., Sivagnanam S., Francis J. T., & Lytton WW. (2015).  A dynamic data-driven approach to closed-loop neuroprosthetics based on multiscale biomimetic brain models. IEEE Interanationl Conference on High Performance Computing 2015 Workshop: InfoSymbiotics/Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems (DDDAS) for Smarter Systems, Bangalore, India.
Dura-Bernal, S., Kerr C., Neymotin S., Suter B., Shepherd G., Francis J., et al. (2015).  Large-scale M1 microcircuit model with plastic input connections from biological PMd neurons used for prosthetic arm control. 24th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting (CNS15).
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Neymotin, SA., BA S., Migliore M., Salvador D-B., Shepherd GMG., & Lytton WW. (2015).  Motor cortex neurons: from experiment to model via evolutionary algorithms. Computational Neuroscience.
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Neymotin, SA., Suter BA., Migliore M., Salvador D-B., Shepherd GMG., & Lytton WW. (2015).  Optimizing computer models of layer 5 motor cortex pyramidal neurons using somatic whole-cell recordings. Society for Neuroscience.
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Li, K., Dura-Bernal S., Francis J., Lytton WW., & Principe J. (2015).  Repairing Lesions via Kernel Adaptive Inverse Control in a Biomimetic Model of Sensorimotor Cortex. Neural Engineering (NER), 2015 7th International IEEE/EMBS Conference. 1-4.
Choi, J. S., Menzies R. J., Dura-Bernal S., Francis J. T., Lytton WW., & Kerr C. C. (2015).  Spiking network modeling of neuronal dynamics in individual rats. BMC Neuroscience.
Erdemir, A., Mulugeta L., & Lytton WW. (2015).  Ten "not so simple" rules for credible practice of modeling & simulation in healthcare. Frontiers in Medical Devices Meeting.